Frequently Asked Questions

How does the app work?

Taddly is a simple focus timer app, that helps you stay focused on your tasks. You can start a timer, pause it, skip a session, and reset the timer. The app will notify you when the session is over.

You work towards a set session goal, meaning you focus for say 25 minutes 3 times with 5 minute breaks between them. At the end of your goal you're given a longer break, say of 30 minutes.

How does the menu bar app work?

We automatically add a menu bar app by default, but this can be configured in the settings. The menu bar app allows you to quickly start, stop, and skip sessions. You can also see the current session time and the time left in the session.

Left clicking on the menu bar app will open the main app window. Right clicking will start the timer.

What data does Taddly collect?

We don't collect any data from devices running Taddly.

How does the Website Blocking work?

When you choose to block websites, you'll need to enable the Safari extension blocker. This will block domains you've added in the Settings window. Note that currently it will block the domains always, not just when you're in a session. Only Safari is supported for Website blocking at the moment.

API / Scripts


Quit tell application "Taddly" to quit
Start Timer tell application "Taddly" to startTimer
Stop/Pause Timer tell application "Taddly" to stopTimer
Reset Timer tell application "Taddly" to resetTimer
Toggle Timer tell application "Taddly" to toggleTimer
Skip Timer tell application "Taddly" to skipTimer


Actions available in the Shortcuts app on macOS.

Start Timer
Stop Timer
Toggle Timer
Skip Session

Contact us

If you have any questions, need a helping hand, or have feedback or suggestions please reach out to the developer at [email protected]