macOS Changes

v0.7.0 - June 28th, 2024

What's new?
  • NEW: Added a way to get to the settings window from the main app by clicking the gear icon.
  • NEW: Started tracking focus session data so we can display it in a chart.
  • IMPORTANT: Websites in the blocklist will be enabled when the timer is running in Focus mode. Then will be unblocked when in break mode.
  • CHANGE: Changed the session marker indicators to be more readable in light and dark mode.
  • CHANGE: Updated onboarding copy.

v0.6.0 - June 23rd, 2024

What's new?
  • Added four Apple Shortcut actions to be used in the Shortcuts app.
  • Added AppleScript support.
  • Added the ability to set the session title during the Focus mode.
  • Increase backwards compatibility for devices running macOS 14 or higher instead of requiring macOS 14.5.
  • Added the 'long break' after the session goal is met. This is a break that's 30 minutes (by default) as a longer break between session goals resetting.
  • Added a welcome screen on the first boot of Taddly.
  • NEW: Added support for customizing the session durations for Focus, Break and Long Breaks.

0.5.0 - June 22nd, 2024

What's new?
  • Adds a Safari Extension - Taddly Blocker, that will block domains setup in Settings.
  • New About Window Design.
  • Further polish to the Focus Mode.

0.4.0 - June 20th, 2024

What's new?
  • We made a mistake and skipped the 0.3 series, whoopsie.
  • The app now shows a black background when in focus mode, to help you focus.
  • Likewise, during a break the app will show a green background to help you relax.